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In The Mind of Social Influencers

Does Sex Sell?

With all the hype of social media running our lives and everyone glued to their phones 24/7, the algorithm is aware of our every search and interests. Companies and brands now engage and pay influencers to promote/advertise their products, making it a rat race to have a bite on the piece of the pie. Unfortunately, bringing our social media space back to using sexual appeal to garner quick and a massive amount of followers. The more followers you have, more brands will engage you for promoting their products. This starts the endless cycle of using sex appeal to promote a product in a space that impressionable people are susceptible to, and will keep this trend growing in the name of earning a buck. 



Hasif Ismail

Lecturer Consult

Paul Hume, Jon Chan

Rachel Doll IG

Rachel Doll IG.png

The concept of @racheldollll is to mimic the current landscape of the new generation of social influencers using their bodies for likes and engagement to obtain brand deals and sponsorships. "Influencing" is seen as a full time job hence people, especially young and impressionable teenagers aspire to be an influencer for a quick and easy buck.

Becoming an influencer today requires thousands of followers as well as daily engagement so brands will see that you are a reliable and effective way to spread their products and increase sales. From the dawn of time, the fastest way to gain attention and followers is by selling sex appeal. Sex sells, admit it. 

Following the short life of Rachel, a plastic wanna-be influencer. Starting out with "thirst-trap" pictures, promoting the lifestyle surrounded by brands. Looking to gain more followers and promotions, she starts to reveal more skin. An unfortunate reality of some of our current influencers.

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