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Truefitt & Hill is a British Barbershop established in 1805. It is known as the finest traditional gentlemen's barber and perfumer in London, providing gentlemen with the best grooming products and services. They provide men an opportunity to look and feel their best. 


- People want to look good

- Misconception on grooming

- Practicality of being a 'Gentlemen"


- Increase brand awareness

- Change the public's mindset

- Provide practical tips

A New Wave of The Gentlemen Culture

- Show the gentlemen's lifestyle

- Overcoming the misconception

- Showing the practicality

1-2 Weeks

2-3 Weeks

1 Week

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Creating brand awareness

Communication with target audience

Implement and maintain lifestyle

Phase 1

Introducing Singapore Gentlemen

Introduce the concept of "5 Minute Gentlemen"

Spreading Awareness

Phase 2

Communicate with the Target Audience



Users will scan a QR code on their phone where it will open the Facebook app and they can pledge to be a Singaporean Gentlemen and learn as well as follow the steps that will be shown to them. Upon pledging, they will be able to enter the room where they will receive a complimentary haircut or styling. A Truefitt and Hill ambassador will show them how to style their hair and look good in just 5 minutes.


Phase 3

Guide target audiences on maintaining the lifestyle


Sell our philosophy

Social media will be used heavily to connect to our target audience. Useful grooming tips will be posted regularly on Instagram and video tips weekly on Youtube. This will allow the campaign to reach a wider range of people.

Case Film

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