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First issue i face daily is people not giving way to others or blocking the pathway in public areas especially public transports. Many still rush to board the MRTs while blocking those alighting, even to the extend of pushing them back in. SMRT has put out a campaign since 2016 about graciousness on public transports ‘Your Thoughtfulness Makes a Better Journey for All” directly targeting various actions such as offering seats for people in need, moving into the centre of the cabin to fit more people, placing your bag on the floor, use earpieces when listening to music and giving way. These campaign posters and mascots are seen everywhere however it doesn’t seem to be the most affective solution.

Second issue I intend to tackle is people not cleaning up after themselves at public eateries. Many still expect cleaners to be there to clear their tableware or return their trays. They will argue that it is the cleaner’s job to do this, however some places especially huge coffee shops, most cleaners are elderly and are unable to keep going up and down the aisle to clean up after everyone. It is not too difficult to return the trays and yet people are still reluctant. In 2016, the Public Hygiene Council gave a 4 out of 10 rating for tray return. And according to the Graciousness Survey in 2017, the number of people returning these trays have reduced.  The National Environment Agency rolled out a Tray Return Initiative at over 100 hawker centres since 2013 where various tray return points have been installed, yet this still does not seem to be very effective.


Not every Singaporean is inconsiderate and not all inconsiderate actions are on purpose. Many complain about these inconsiderate actions online and behind their backs, however nobody is taking the initiative to call out these actions on the spot. Simply put it as people observe the problem happening and complain about it, but won’t do anything. “All talk and no action” is the most appropriate phrase for this. I too face this issues on a daily basis and I am guilty of having this all talk and no action attitude, so I believe it is time for me to do something about it.


To immediately call out inconsiderate actions in public areas without being rude and to make these people realise and think twice about their actions.


My idea is to call out inconsiderate actions by giving the culprit a card questioning is actions such as “Why didn’t you give way to others?” or “Why didn’t you clean up after yourself?”. At the same time, a sticker will be stuck on these culprits saying “I am inconsiderate” without them knowing. There will be a fine print on the card stating that there is a sticker on them. This will filter out people who actually cared about what was on that card and bothered to read it and those who don’t care and just discard the card immediately.

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