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My partner and I was tasked to make a viral social campaign. As social experiments was "in trend" at the time of the campaign, we decided to make one for ourselves. I was in charge of the ideations for the campaign and the execution.

Singaporeans are becoming increasingly selfish and less honest. Is this fact or fiction? Is this personality our future? Singaporeans have ranked honesty as the most important value followed by kindness. So the question is, how honest and kind are Singaporeans? We have decided to test this by executing a social experiment around Singapore. 

Raffles Place
Jurong East
Nex Shopping Centre
East Coast Park


My partner and I set up pop up shops at various areas in Singapore where human traffic is high such as Orchard Road, Nex and Jurong East. Our pop up shop sells ice cold drinks for a dollar per can with nobody minding it. Patrons can drop an extra dollar into a container to pay forward a drink for the next person. We placed several hidden cameras to capture everything.

What we witnessed was pretty eye opening. Less than half of the Singaporeans who patronised our pop up shop paid forward a drink. However, we noticed someone stealing a drink, which we were hoping wouldn't happen. Overall, this was very insightful. 

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