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I was a Digital Marketing Intern in a small team of highly motivated individuals looking to make a one stop app for mobile, cashless ordering app. 


Eatsy is a collaborative mobile app that allows diners to Order and Pay ahead to dine out or takeaway on demand.


Imagine a world of possibilities - Walk into any restaurant, and your food is served based on your mobile order. Simply walk off after a meal without waiting for the bill. 


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A5 standee-01.png
Window sticker-01.png

Window Sticker

Cashier pop up final-02.png

Cashier Pop-up

Counter Standee

Takeaway A5 final-01.jpg

Cashier Standee Promo

Takeaway cards final-01.jpg

Promo Cards

Artboard 1 copy 2.png

Promotional X - Banners

Many merchants had unique collaterals and x-banner designs to promote their various menus and Eatsy usage, all of which I had to design.


Posters smaller-06.jpg
Posters smaller-07.jpg

A series of 2 videos showing Eatsy's value proposition and usage in morning crowds and lunch crowd situation. I came up with the storyboard and concept and hired a production company to shoot both videos. The posters were placed into a microsite for when the videos are posted on social media, viewer will be able linked, and be able to download the app.


I was tasked to come up with a short campaign to promote 88 cents waffle promotion held across various merchants in Singapore. Given the very short timeline, I managed to ideate, shoot and edit this video. The video was shared on social media via paid ads on Facebook and Instagram which managed to achieve a large amount of impressions and many people visiting these waffle bakeries.